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What is Microphone Test?

A Microphone is a device that converts Sound energy into electrical energy. Mic test ensures that how accurately your mic can generate the electric signal as a result. It is the process to test microphone functionality, durability, and working efficiency. It is the step by step process that delivers accurate results. Mic testing is an essential job of many professional audio recording engineers, as it is pocket friendly, easy to access, and time-saving. The best add-on of its features are now they are device friendly. Advance technology makes them third party applications free engines. Mic test has become the helping-hand for both beginners and professionals.

Mic Tester Features

Sound waveform display

The sound wave on the screen can infer the working of the microphone. The meter on the screen should jump up and down as you speak. If no line appears or there is no movement of the line, it concludes that the microphone is not working.

Auto Silence Trimming

Voice Recorder automatically recognizes quiet bits at the start and the end of your recording and removes them for your convenience.

Recording and playback

To evaluate the quality of the microphone, you can attempt to record and playback the recorded sound multiple times. You can even slightly raise the volume level to hear your voice in the speakers.

Free to Use

Voice Recorder is entirely free. No activation fees, hidden payments, or charges for special features. No download, no installation, and no extension required. Microphone test online, straight in your browser.


We do not share or store/record your testing data. When the user publishes a review, the data from the device memory gets deleted when the page is closed. Reviews are publicly accessible and include solely technical information about the microphones tested. No audio recordings get stored made with your microphone.

Troubleshooting Guide has main focus on not only testing it’s users microphones but also we focused on providing a wonderful troubleshooting guide for you to solve if any error occurs while testing or finding a deficiency in your microphone..

Why do You Need to Test Microphone?

There are lots of reasons why somebody should get their mic tested.

To check your recently bought microphone to check if it operates properly.

To see if the headset attached to the mic is enabled well.

To be sure that the built-in mic in the computer provides the best sound quality.

To be assured that all the applications on your system are completely compatible with the mic.

Detect if the webcam has a built-in microphone.


How to Test Your Mic?

Step1: Visit the website.

Step2: Tap the request microphone access key.

Step3: Click allow on the popup that emerges.

Step4: Click Record to start recording your mic.

Step5: You will notice a moving sound wave as you speak when your mic is operating.

Step6: Click Stop to end your recording.

Step7: Click Play to hear back and examine your sound quality.

How is The Microphone Being Tested?

It is defined if the browser establishes functions for obtaining multimedia devices.

Detected microphones and essential controls are displayed.

After you click the Test My Mic button, your browser will ask permission to begin the microphone.

Once access is given, the mic will start, and you will view the visualizer of sounds obtained by your mic.

It starts to record your voice and any sound captured by your mic.

Now it determines supported features and makes some measurements.

Ultimately the testing results, hints, and additional controls, including the playback, are displayed.


1How do I check the quality of my microphone?

The sound waveform display displays a line moving whenever your mic detects a sound in the test section. If the line is moving when you speak into the mic, then the outcome of the analysis is that your microphone is operating and correctly configured.

2 How can I test my mic online?

Tap on the Start button. Enable access to your microphone. Begin to talk or make any noise near your microphone. If everything is fine, you will hear and view the sensed noise by your microphone.

3How do I check microphone settings?

Connect your microphone to your PC. Stepwise Choose Start, Settings, System, Sound. Go to Input, and check the microphone or recording device you want to use.

4How do I know if my earphone has a mic?

View the meter to the right of the earphones listing as you speak into the microphone. If this meter moves up and down as you talk, then the microphone is present.

5 Does my computer have a built-in microphone?

Connect your microphone to your PC. Stepwise Choose Start, Settings, System, Sound. Go to Input. If you have an internal or external microphone, it illustrates in the middle segment.

6Where is microphone settings on Android?

On your Android device, click Settings. Scroll down and click Apps Google Play Services Permissions. Look for Microphone and push the slider On.

7Why my mic is not working?

Check if the microphone is attached accurately to your computer and placed correctly. Raise the volume of your microphone. On the Levels tab of the Microphone Properties, set the Microphone and Microphone Boost sliders as required, then select OK.

8How can I hear what my mic sounds like?

Change the input device of your computer from the settings to your microphone and the output to built-in speakers.

9How do I fix my microphone problem?
  • Reload the browser page and try again.
  • Try another browser.
  • Verify that your microphone is attached to the right socket on your machine.
  • Check if your microphone is on mute.
  • Check whether the volume on the microphone turned down all the way.
10Why does the microphone not work?
  • The microphone is not connected.
  • The microphone cord is interrupted.
  • The microphone is disabled in settings.
  • Another application is using the microphone.
  • The browser has disabled access.
  • Broken microphone.
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